What Are Major Repairs in a Dwelling?

When it comes to home repairs, there are two main categories: major and minor. Major repairs are those that require professional experience and can be costly, while minor repairs are usually easy to fix and can be done with basic tools. Examples of major home repairs include mechanical failure of a major component, plumbing problems, and renovations. Minor repairs include caulking a window, putting weatherstripping around a doorframe, uncovering a shower head, or repainting a room.

It's important for homeowners to have a savings account dedicated to unforeseen home repairs and renovations. The concept of what makes a unit uninhabitable varies in different parts of the country and changes over time based on technological and scientific advances. National Association of Home Builders 1998 Housing Facts, Figures and Trends Routine maintenance, such as cleaning oven or air conditioning filters and scheduling periodic service, may be the only practical way a homeowner can extend the life of major mechanical systems. Those things go a long way to making these units last longer, says Gary Kemp, sales representative for Bell Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning in Des Moines, Iowa.

Electricians and plumbers are licensed, as are many general contractors, carpenters, and other professionals who work on home repairs and renovations. Even if the landlord is technically complying with the minimum requirements of the building and housing codes, a court may determine that the unit is not fit for human occupation under the circumstances. If you lack a strong building code in your area, you may want to analyze court decisions to determine what factors will be considered. You may not be able to predict every major repair in your home that comes your way, but you can start preparing for costs now.

Other, less aggressive options include doing the repairs or covering your costs on your own and then deducting the cost of repairs from your rental. However, even a minor repair or renovation of the house can turn into a disaster if the project is not done with care, safety and attention to detail. Major home repairs can be hard to predict, especially if it's been years since you bought your property and a professional inspected it for hidden problems. This transfer was necessary to balance the funding of HRA's capital expenditure on property (including decent household spending) after allowing funding from other sources, including the Major Repairs Reserve (£3,263k) and a £150k PCT grant for disabled adaptation work.

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