Does repair glue grounded have any special requirements for storage and disposal?

All electrically conductive objects in the spray zone must be properly grounded. This requirement will apply to paint containers, clothing cans, and any other object or device found in the area. The equipment must have a permanently installed visible warning about the need for this grounding function. Swapping the cost of the material for repair glue (which is relatively easy to manufacture) can save a lot of time and effort.

Most low-level items can be repaired simply by picking up the necessary materials, but higher-level equipment will need some additional ingredients, such as repair glue. It can be used to repair damaged or broken equipment that has been upgraded beyond level 5, completely replacing its old repair cost with repair glue. The handle of the spray gun shall be electrically connected to the ground by means of a metal connection and shall be constructed in such a way that the operator, in a normal operating position, enters into intimate electrical contact with the grounded handle. Although Repair Glue is needed to repair higher-level items, players will need a lot of time and resources to access it.

Fortunately, the normal cost of repairing the material is replaced by repair glue, meaning that players won't have to waste time collecting the right pieces from insects (and from nature) once they've upgraded an item beyond level 5.

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