How is the shelter repaired in the forest?

If any of your structures are damaged, you can repair it with a repair tool (2 rods, 1 rock, 2 cloths, 10 sap). Just hit your shelter with an axe and repair it afterwards. The repair tool is a tool that is used to repair buildings and was a replacement for the use of sap. Hunting shelters (7 Stick, 6 Rock, 7 Log) can be used to sleep and save your game.

It can be used to make medicinal herbs and herbal medicines +. Calendula can be eaten alone to replenish a small amount of hunger. The player can only carry 10 marigolds in his inventory at a time. In a single player game, repair a hunting shelter.

These common tools allow you to do the most basic repair work at home, from hammering to prying and clamping. Repair in Minecraft involves sacrificing a similar or different object to repair the one to be repaired. The repair tool is a simple tool that can be used to repair base buildings, %26 storage utilities and decoration.

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