Are there any special techniques for reinforcing with repair glue grounded on certain materials?

Repair glue is a material resource that plays an important role in repairing advanced tools and armor. It can be used to repair damaged or broken equipment. Now that you know how to use Repair Glue, make sure you stock up on this valuable resource so you can survive in the hostile environment of Grounded. Grounded is a game in which you're trying to survive in a magnificent miniature that has gone outdoors, and part of that survival is repairing the equipment you depend on to survive each day.

Once the ingredients have been chosen, Glue Masher will produce repair glue on its own and you can pick it up on the menu or under the glue grinder. It can be used to repair damaged or broken equipment that has been upgraded beyond level 5, completely replacing its old repair cost with repair glue.

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