Does repair glue grounded require special tools for application?

You need to use Glue Masher to make Repair Glue. It can be used to repair damaged or broken equipment that has been upgraded beyond level 5, completely replacing its old repair cost with repair glue. Luckily, players can make sure that nothing of theirs stays broken for a long time, as long as they have enough repair glue. To repair a specific armor, the game will inform you about the resources needed to perform the repair and you will need to have those items to do the repair.

The repair tool is a simple tool that can be used to repair base buildings, 26% of storage and decoration services. The glue replaces the original repair cost of the equipment, so updated equipment only costs repair glue to repair it. Repair glue is a versatile and easy-to-manufacture material resource that allows you to repair any damaged or broken equipment, provided that the broken equipment has been upgraded beyond level five. Repair Glue does exactly what it sounds like: it repairs items in Grounded so that players can continue to use them.

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