Why can't i make repair glue grounded?

To create Repair Glue, players must first access the Glue Masher. The blueprint can only be unlocked by purchasing it in the store for 500 science points, except in BURG. L will only offer it when players have earned the BURG Black Antbird. It takes 1 hour of play (2 minutes) to complete a recipe in the Glue Masher.

Repair glue is a versatile and easy-to-manufacture material resource that allows you to repair any damaged or broken equipment, provided that the broken equipment has been upgraded beyond level five. Grounded is a game that consists of surviving in a magnificent miniature that has gone outdoors, and part of that survival consists of repairing the equipment you depend on to survive each day. Description of the glue grinder A building designed to crush pieces of insects and turn them into glue, perfect for repairing more advanced equipment. Build a glue station and try not to think about how your character could have made glue in the mixer.

Now that you know how to use Repair Glue, make sure you stock up on this valuable resource so you can survive in the hostile environment of Grounded. Once the ingredients have been chosen, Glue Masher will produce repair glue on its own and you can pick it up on the menu or under the glue grinder. Repair Glue does exactly what it sounds like: it repairs items in Grounded so that players can continue to use them. Luckily, players can make sure that nothing of theirs stays broken for a long time, as long as they have enough repair glue.

The glue replaces the original repair cost of the equipment, so updated equipment only costs repair glue to repair it.

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