When can you use repair glue in grounded?

Repair glue is a material resource that plays an important role in repairing advanced tools and armor. It can be used to repair damaged or broken equipment that has been upgraded beyond level 5, completely replacing its old repair cost with repair glue. Although Repair Glue is needed to repair higher-level items, players will need a lot of time and resources to access it. To create Repair Glue, players must first access the Glue Masher.

The blueprint can only be unlocked if you buy it in the store for 500 science points, but BURG, L will only offer it when players have earned the Black Anthill BURG, L. Getting this chip means going through the Black Antbird laboratory and defeating a mini-boss called Deputy Director. Swapping the cost of the material for repair glue (which is relatively easy to manufacture) can save a lot of time and effort. Repair Glue does exactly what it sounds like: it repairs items in Grounded so that players can continue to use them.

Fortunately, the normal cost of repairing the material is replaced by repair glue, meaning that players won't have to waste time collecting the right pieces from insects (and from nature) once they upgrade an item beyond level 5.Repair glue is a versatile and easy-to-manufacture material resource that allows any damaged or broken equipment to be repaired, provided that the broken equipment has been upgraded beyond level five. Most low-level items can be repaired simply by picking up the necessary materials, but higher-level equipment will need some additional ingredients, such as repair glue. Luckily, players can make sure that nothing of theirs stays broken for a long time, as long as they have enough repair glue. The glue replaces the original repair cost of the equipment, so updated equipment only costs repair glue to repair it.

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