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You may be eligible to claim an accident deduction for the loss of your property if you suffer property damage during the tax year as a result of a sudden, unexpected, or unusual event. However, the deduction for victims is also available if you are a victim of vandalism. However, if you reserve part of your residence as a business or home office, you can deduct unreimbursed repair costs on Form 8829, which lists business expenses. In most cases, the cost of reasonable repairs is your starting point for the deduction, as it also represents the decrease in the fair market value of the home due to the victim.

For example, if a window in your home is already broken, you cannot claim the full cost of repairing that window, even if a hurricane makes it worse. When deducting unreimbursed repairs from a home office, you should identify the cost as a direct or indirect expense. If you qualify for this deduction, you can deduct 100% of the cost of repairs you do in your home office alone. Basically, a repair puts the house back in the same condition as it was before the accident caused damage.

However, if you haven't done the repairs yet or have not restored your home to its previous condition, you can measure the loss as the decline in fair market value due to the event. You should multiply the cost of repair by the portion of the house you are using for business or office.

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