How is the armor repaired on the ground?

You can use another item called armor glue and super armor glue that repairs your armor completely. These items require you to be in front of a workbench to make crafts. You must have a repair option in the drop-down menu. Go to a salesman who gives you an anvil symbol when you hover your mouse over it.

There will be an anvil button at the bottom of the supplier window that will allow you to pay for equipment repairs. Keep in mind that not all sellers repair equipment, be sure to get an anvil when you hover your mouse over them, and not a bag. I didn't know that it couldn't be repaired if it was zero durability, I thought that if I can repair spikes, etc., I could also repair the armor. Place your craft wheel on the floor.

Then place the damaged items you want on the grinding wheel selection item and your new and improved item will be manufactured. Go to inventory and then go to the armor piece you want to repair and press r1, you should see repair armor in the menu. You can then repair all damaged items (which can be expensive) or repair a single item by selecting it and pressing E (or the equivalent of the platform). The durability of the repaired item is equal to the sum of the durability of the old items plus a “repair bonus” of 5% of the item's maximum uses, up to a limit of the maximum durability of that item.

You can use a gunsmith's kit to repair your armor, a blacksmith's kit to repair your weapons, and a tailor's kit to fix your clothes. Paying for your equipment to be repaired adds up quickly, and the better the quality of your equipment, the more it will cost to repair it. The repaired item is never spelled, even if both items have exactly the same enchantments, with the exception of curse enchantments, which are transferred to the repaired item. Item Repair is a feature that allows players to repair tools, armor or other damaged items with durability by combining them on the crafting grid or on a sharpening stone.

Everything not listed below does not have a unit repair item and can only be repaired by consuming another instance of itself.

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