Get Better Sleep With A Pillowtop Mattress: Top Reasons To Buy

Are you waking up tired lately? Maybe it’s the time to change your mattress? Studies revealed that our sleep schedule greatly impacts our mood and productivity level. And a good mattress is a must to get a goodnight’s sleep. If you are planning to buy a twin mattress, then you might want to search for a pillowtop mattress. They seem like an expensive option and high on maintenance. But the reality is different; a pillowtop mattress could be the best thing to fix your sleep schedule. For a properly rested body, you can invest in a soft and comfy pillowtop mattress; the reasons are discussed in detail in this post.

What is a pillowtop mattress?

As the name suggests, it is a mattress with a softer top side. The comfy top part is actually extra padding sewn on the mattress, and hence it gets the name pillowtop.

The padding can be of any material, such as cotton, wool, memory foam, etc. The extra padding is why you are paying extra for the mattress, but it’s totally worth it because pillowtop mattresses are trusted to offer remarkable comfort. You won’t feel the bounce of the bottom support layer, and all you get is the comfortable experience of a plush top layer.

Why buy a pillowtop mattress?

Good for side sleepers: Those who are struggling to sleep are suggested to sleep on their side. If you are a side sleeper and currently using an ordinary mattress, you must have known the struggle. 

The plush padding of the pillowtop mattress is great for a side sleeper. You will feel any pressure points when sleeping on your side on a pillowtop twin mattress. Your shoulders or hips will thank you in the morning if you choose a comfortable base of a pillowtop. 

Good for back pain: We spend so many hours in bed, so making an informed decision about the mattress is crucial. Especially, those who are suffering from constant back pain. Pillowtop mattresses are designed with back supporter coils that activate the pressure points and relieve back pain. It is also important to choose the mattress with the desired firmness level to make the most out of the product. The full body support required for a backpain sufferer is easily attainable from a pillowtop mattress. Just make sure you talk to an expert about the firmness scale and choose the right product. You will never go back when you get the right pillowtop mattress for your body needs.

Is a pillowtop mattress expensive?

The extra padding sewn on the top costs a lot, plus some people claim that the plushness doesn’t last. So, when compared to an ordinary mattress, a pillowtop mattress sounds like an expensive mistake. 

Pillow tops are made with an extra layer of plush support form that costs more than average. If the mattress offers you assured sound sleep, the price is totally worth it. Secondly, the claims about lesser durability and sagging are baseless. If you invest in a cheaper product, you have to face such issues. Make sure to find a trusted brand because a cheap purchase always results in double the expense. Invest in a quality brand and choose the right firmness level according to your need. It is advisable to find a product that offers at least 10 years of NPR warranty for value for money assurance and peace of mind.

Bottom line

Mattress selection should be done carefully by considering all the pros and cons. Don’t avoid a pillowtop mattress just because it seems expensive. Consider your options and make an informed decision for the sake of a well-rested body and mind. If interested, check out the selection at Factory Direct Mattress. You can find a twin mattress with different firmness levels at the best price.

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