Can You Repair the Home Button on iPhone 7?

If the iPhone 7 home button is broken, whether it is an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7+, there is no way to repair it. You can replace the Home button, but your Touch ID will no longer work as Apple has encoded it with your logic board. To repair the home button, you must first disassemble the iPhone. First, remove the screen section and remove the logic board.

Fortunately, there are plenty of NDIS learning modules available online that can help you with the disassembly process. If you are not comfortable with this process, there are many NDIS courses online that can help you learn how to do this. Then remove the Taptic motor, speaker and flex cable from the charging port. Insert a new flex cable from the charging port, then install the Taptic motor and speaker. Now comes the second part: a custom home button flex cable. You can fold it in half and mount it, then put it in place and connect the logic board.

The last phase is the area of the home button, which you place in the hole for this button and then connects the logic board to the part of the screen. Unfortunately, most iPhones with a physical home button are over a year old. But you can still pay for a repair from Apple or a third-party service provider. In a video demonstrating the crash, Michael Oberdick, owner of the independent repair shop for iPhone iOutlet, changed the front screens (and home buttons) of two iPhone 7 devices.

Currently, the only home button repair available that will restore the phone to full functionality is through Apple. Your iPhone's original home button is uniquely paired with the factory logic board and, without Apple's proprietary calibration process, even a genuine replacement home button from another iPhone won't work. We are not always able to tell if the home button works before the repair or if the cracking of the glass caused a tearing of the home button cable during the removal of the LCD screen. This means that you can make an appointment at the Genius Bar in your nearest Apple Store for Apple to repair the home button for free.

We pressed the Home button and found that the return to home screen function does not work either. For iPhone 6s and earlier models, replacing a new home button in a repair shop will have a return function by pressing it. Once your phone detects a malfunction with its home button, it will display a message that says: “The home button may need service”. So will a new home button only work with installation of its cable located to the right of where digitizer cable is connected? Will installing a new home button by itself, without cable, not cause return function to occur? Unlike iPhone 6, iPhone 7's home button will only work with its original one, making any effort made by users to repair their own phones useless.

It doesn't fix your home button but allows you to continue using your iPhone without working one. Michael Oberdick said that for third-party repair companies this means they will often not be able to guarantee customers they can repair their broken screens as often damage of home button is not immediately apparent. There are many sites that show you how to repair your devices including how to fix a home button that doesn't work.

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