The Essential Home Maintenance Checklist for Every Season

Owning a residential property comes with many responsibilities. Home maintenance tasks are constant and year-round, and homeowners who embrace them instead of postponing them will increase their property value, improve structural integrity, and improve safety for their family members. Experts recommend following a proactive approach and focusing on preventative maintenance projects annually to prevent the risk of complications. Most home maintenance projects, such as deck cleaning, gutter cleaning, patio cleaning, siding cleaning, HVAC maintenance, or repair, are manageable and affordable. To avoid significant issues, here is an annual home maintenance checklist for every season. In the spring season, it is important to evaluate your home by walking around your property and checking for signs of damage caused by winter. Additionally, focus on patio cleaning or repair, testing your sump pump, and changing your HVAC filters. For the gutter cleaning, use a power washer on your deck or patio to ensure it is ready for the spring season. Look for signs of loose nails on wooden decks or cracked wood and replace damaged planks with new ones. Treat your patio with borate to protect against rot. If you have a masonry patio, check for cracks or loose stones and hire a professional service to fix them. Go to your basement and inspect the sump pump to ensure it functions correctly. Change your HVAC filters to trap indoor pollutants and allergens, improve air quality, and reduce the risk of chronic respiratory conditions. In the summer season, inspect interior plumbing and lubricate garage doors. Inspect each sink in your home to ensure no signs of damage or leaks. Check your ceilings for water stains and hire a professional plumber if you find it challenging to locate the source of a leak. Lubricate garage doors to ensure they open and close smoothly without making any noise. Inspect windows for any signs of damage or cracks in the glass panes. If you notice any damage, replace them with new ones to prevent energy loss from your home. In the fall season, inspect your roof for any signs of damage or missing shingles. Clean gutters from leaves and debris that can cause drainage problems. Inspect exterior walls for any signs of cracks or holes that can cause water infiltration into your home during winter months. Additionally, check the insulation in your attic to ensure it is in good condition and replace it if necessary. Finally, in the winter season, inspect all outdoor faucets for any signs of damage or leaks. Disconnect garden hoses from outdoor faucets and store them away until spring arrives. Check all windows and doors for any drafts that can cause energy loss from your home during winter months. Additionally, inspect all smoke detectors in your home to ensure they are working correctly.

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