How to Fix an Unresponsive iPad Home Button

If the home button on your iPad or iPhone isn't working, there are a few steps you can take to try and fix the problem. If these don't work, you'll need to schedule a repair. It's important to understand why the iPad or iPhone home button may have stopped working after the display screen was broken or replaced. If you've replaced the screen with a non-original new one, make sure that the size of the home eyelet is exactly the same as the original screen.

Some third-party manufactured iPad screens and digitizers may have errors in the grommet of the house or other parts. The iPad home button is a combination with the flex cable ribbon. When you assemble the home button on the screen digitizer, you need to make sure that the home button and the flex cable ribbon adhere tightly under the digitizer button. This requires special glue and an adhesive tape.

If you have to replace the home button at the same time, it's best to choose an original iPad home button to replace it. Third-party manufactured iPad home buttons may not have the exact size of the iPad screen hole. The Touch-ID function of the home button also doesn't work well if your finger is wet or if the home button is dusty. If all troubleshooting steps have been passed and your iPad's home button still doesn't work, it's time to explore repair options.

If isopropyl was used to remove adhesive, it's possible that the home button has become wet and caused it not to work until it dries. It's possible that the home button is broken and needs repair, usually because the home button holder has become loose or because the digitizer flex cable is twisted or damaged in some way. If your iPhone's home button started having problems after replacing its battery, it's very likely that its contacts (two gold contacts that are shorted) were not properly placed. If none of these solutions worked for your iPhone's home button, it's probably time to carry out a professional repair. To help those whose iPad home button is broken without any signs and look for do-it-yourself ways before sending it to Apple Store, here are some fixes that may make your iPad home button not work.

You may just want to repair the start button instead of paying for third-party software that doesn't even fix the problem. With TunesKit iOS System Repair, you can eliminate other potential issues that cause your iPad home button to become unresponsive and completely manage your iOS system.

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