What is the difference between repair and repaired?

It is that repair is to restore to a good working order, repair or improve the damaged condition; repair; to remedy or repair may be to be moved to another place or the repair can be re-paired while the repairs are (repair). But the verb “to fix” is much more common in everyday speech. In general, we use “repair” when we want to sound more formal. We can also use “repair” when someone with experience is doing the work.

Take a look at this machine. What needs to be fixed? What needs to be repaired? What needs to be repaired? Therefore, the machine needs to be repaired. The broken part must be repaired. The flag needs to be repaired.

We usually use “fix” to focus on the overall problem. It means we want something to go back to the way it was before. Do you know anyone who can fix my phone? She said she was really mad at me. If you want to fix your bike, you'll have to repair the wheel.

After 10 years of war, the president took steps to repair relations with the neighboring country. Gabriel Clark is an English professor with 14 years of experience and a master's degree in TESOL and applied linguistics from the University of Portsmouth. It is the “Clark on Clark and Miller”, a website that focuses on giving students a deeper understanding of how English works through online courses and a blog that often features giraffes. He can be found giving talks at conferences, cycling through post-Soviet neighborhoods, or performing music in empty bars.

Repairing, repairing, rebuilding means putting into good order something that is injured, damaged or defective. Repairing involves making something whole or sound broken, torn, or injured. Repaired the repair of the torn dress is applied to fixing more extensive damage or dilapidation. Post-step patch repair involves a often temporary fixation of a hole or rupture with new material.

The reconstruction of worn jeans with a patch suggests making them like new without replacing them completely. A rebuilt car engine Some English spelling problems cannot be fixed. Restore to a healthy or good state after decay, injury, ruin or partial destruction; renovate; restore; repair; such as repairing a house, road, shoe or ship; repairing a shattered fortune.

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