Justanswer home repair?

JustAnswer's home improvement experts have years of experience and are available whenever you need them. You can even ask follow-up questions and pass. Appliance · Plumbing · Electricity · HVAC maintenance, general maintenance and repairs also fall into this category. Home improvement professionals can address issues related to plumbing, ventilation, roofing, and roofing.

Sometimes all that is needed is guidance for an upcoming purchase decision; knowledgeable knowledge at times like this can save you a lot of headaches and additional expenses down the road. Box 29045, San Francisco, CA 94129 About JustAnswerJustAnswer is a user-driven site where you can pay to get answers directly from professionals. The platform, founded by Andy Kurtzig in 2003, currently has more than 10,000 experts. JustAnswer states that it has helped more than 8 million people in 196 countries.

The company is based in San Francisco, California. Yeah, same thing here, I paid an initial £5 to get an answer to a question, now they're trying to take £50 I just talked to my bank, who said they can't stop it but they can ask for it once it's been paid. It's amazing how this scam can continue. I didn't apply for this service, and maybe I went to their site, but I didn't get any help and they charged me.

I wanted to cancel, but your site didn't process my request. Save my name, email and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There is also a category “General” that is a bit general. The site says it covers relationships, entertainment, jobs, etiquette, dream interpretation, watch repair, genealogy and more.

Home improvement, for obvious reasons, can be focused primarily on projects that alter or repair the conditions of a home.

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