Anna Hariri: FRAUD Online Store — Takes 5 MONTHS to Deliver (NO REFUNDS)

Anna Hariri: FRAUD Online Store — Takes 5 MONTHS to Deliver (NO REFUNDS)

Anna Hariri is a terrible company that will rip you off. Save yourself the money and find another company to buy from.

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What is Anna Hariri?

Anna Hariri is an online 'muslim' clothing store that is known for taking FOREVER to deliver your order. In my case, it took 5 months without a single update from the company!

Don't waste your time or money with Anna Hariri – you'll only be disappointed.

What are The Problems with Anna Hariri?

There are a lot of problems with Anna Hariri. First and foremost, their clothing is usually very poor quality. It's often too tight or too large, and it doesn't last long.

Secondly, their delivery times are awful. I ordered clothes in November of last year and they still haven't arrived.

And lastly, they don't offer any refunds. If something goes wrong with your order, you're out of luck.

Don't bother with Anna Hariri – there are better options out there.

Here's a response from the owner when a customer requested a refund after receiving their delivery 5 months later, then spending out of their own pocket to ship the items back to Anna Hariri — here's how Anna Hariri's Halil Erdem responds:
anna hariri halil erdem

Does Anna Hariri Have Good Hijab Dresses?

Anna Hariri is a hijab fashion designer that has an online store called "Anna Hariri." They advertise her hijabs as being the best in the industry, but customers quickly realise that these dresses take 5 months to ship and there are no refunds. Many women have spoken out about their disappointment with this business, claiming that they never received their order or that the dresses were of poor quality. Anna Hariri has yet to respond to any of these complaints.

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Is Anna Hariri's Islamic Modest Dresses Any Good?

Anna Hariri is a fraudulent online store that takes 5 months to deliver orders and offers no refunds. Customers are left frustrated and angry after being refused refunds for clothes that never arrived. Anna Hariri's Islamic Modest Dresses may be modest (in the photos they upload), but they're not worth the wait or the frustration.

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What are The Solutions for Anna Hariri?

There are a lot of solutions for Anna Hariri. First and foremost, you could try shopping at other Muslim-owned stores. They will often have better quality clothing and faster delivery times.

Second, you could try ordering smaller quantities of clothing. This way, you can be sure that the clothes will last longer and won't be too tight or large.

And lastly, you could try contacting the company to ask about refunds. If they are willing to give them to you, that is!

What are The Annoying Things About Anna Hariri?

The annoying things about Anna Hariri are the high prices and the long wait times. Although the clothes may be of somewhat okay quality, they are often too expensive for what you get, and guess what... you have to wait 5 months. And the wait times can be frustrating – especially if you're in a hurry.

All things considered, I would not recommend Anna Hariri to anyone. There are better options out there, and they will always offer better customer service.

Would I Recommend Anna Hariri to Others?

No, I would not recommend Anna Hariri to others. There are better options out there, and they always offer better customer service.

Anna Hariri Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews we have received regarding the company Anna Hariri:

"I ordered a dress from Anna Hariri and it took 5 months to arrive. When I contacted them to ask about a refund, they were not willing to give me one. In the end, I just had to take the dress and be done with it."

"Anna Hariri is a terrible company. I placed an order with them and it took 3 months for it to arrive. The clothes were of poor quality and they didn't have my size. None of the clothes fit me well, so I ended up returning all of them."


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