How to Access the Office 365 Repair Tool

Are you having trouble with your Office 365 installation? If so, you may need to access the repair tool. The steps to do so vary depending on your operating system. To get started, open Programs and Features in Control Panel. In Windows 10, you can access this by opening the hidden shortcut menu.

This method will install a new version of Office 365 and should correct any critical issues. If you're looking for an alternative option for repairing Microsoft 365, I recommend using the Support and Recovery Assistant tool. I have published a guide on how to use this tool. However, let's go back to Step 1 to begin this process. Typically, you should try the quick repair first.

If your problem isn't fixed, use the Online Repair option. When you run a quick repair operation, Office will attempt to perform simple repairs with local files that are already on your computer.

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